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Forget the Traveling ... Make a Chorus Call

The diamond of teleconferencing.

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Chorus Call has been a leader in global teleconferencing, collaboration and event services for over three decades and maintains the highest level of customer service in the industry today. From everyday team meetings to high profile managed events, Chorus Call designs solutions that make conferencing a practical and integral part of a work day. This is achieved both affordably and high level service.

Together with Compunetix, the leading manufacturer of collaboration technologies, Chorus Call fuels the most flexible, dynamic and user-friendly collaboration experiences across the globe.

With the full suite of conferencing services and support, we can craft the perfect solution to meet your needs:
• High quality full event services.
• Audio conferencing – assisted and reservationless
• Streaming – audio & video webcasts
• Collaboration tools – C- Meeting
• Video conferencing


Conference calls & webcasts now available in HD
Chorus Call specializes in white glove video conferencing services. From site testing to guidelines on lighting and camera zoom, Video Specialists take great care in ensuring that conferences look and sound their best. Our video platform allows high definition video quality, multiple screen layouts, site identifiers, and full interactivity. With Chorus Call the technology fades into the background and participants focus on the content of their meeting.

High Definition (HD) audio conferencing is the pinnacle of a high-quality event. Like the jump from black-and-white television to color, once you experience the rich acoustics of HD audio, nothing else will compare. Chorus Call helps you provide the clear guidance your investors have been waiting to hear. Natural communication recognizes the subtleties between voices, identify speakers, and catch every nuance of the conversation. With HD audio, participants sound as if they are just a few seats away, even when they are halfway across the globe.

Clarity. Guidance. Conveying strategy.
All are crucial elements of a quarterly investor relations event. With Chorus Call’s HD audio platform, you can feel confident that your stakeholders are getting the message you are delivering, just as if you were speaking to them in the boardroom.


About the Company
Headquartered near Pittsburgh, USA and with locations in twelve different countries, Chorus Call connects businesses with their customers, partners and employees through powerful conferencing systems and services that are secure reliable and easy-to-use.


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