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Felbel Consulting: Change Management & People Development

Dr. Marion Felbel founded Felbel Consulting with a comprehensive program to support organizations in a change process. We enable leaders and employees to adapt new behaviors and focus on effective communication and cultural change.

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When I was working as an Academic Assistant at the Department of Communications at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, I conducted a study for my thesis about the role of the middle management in a change process that was taking place at a company listed on DAX. Almost half of the 124 leaders I interviewed, did not share the new vision of the C-Suite and did not enforce the change in their group by offering sufficient information and orientation. The study revealed that the top management must communicate the purpose and the urgency of the transformation to the middle management to reduce resistance. The results of my study made me curious to learn more about the criteria leading to successful change.

Strategic Change Management
As a certified Prosci® Change Practitioner and a certified Co-Active Coach (CTI) I support organizations that plan a major change, such as an M&A project, a new marketing strategy, a different corporate culture or new processes and systems. If suitable, I work with the Prosci®Concept, a research-based change management program that has proven to increase the success of a change project by accelerating adoption and usage within the defined timeline and budget framework. Since 1994, more than 3,400 companies have worked with Prosci® consultants worldwide. Having set up a change process, we support leaders and their teams on an individual level, reduce conflicts and enhance the adoption of the desired behavior. With five generations actively involved in the workforce, leaders of large companies are facing a lot of challenges during change. We determine individual needs to strengthen competencies and guide leaders to fill in gaps.

Effective Change Communication
With customized solutions we help managers building competency to lead future change projects. During the whole change process we keep focus on the communication strategy, creating the change story, diminishing counterproductive rumours. Together with the change agents, we define communication modes and improve face-to-face communication. I also assist individuals who want to improve their skills or seek new placement. In the U.S. I used to train managers who needed intercultural coachings.

Network includes Institute of Sustainable Leadership, Steinbeis-University Berlin
Felbel Consulting is located in Wiesbaden. My network consists of experienced business psychologists, communication specialists, certified coaches and trainers in Berlin, Munich and the Rhine Main Area.

Felbel Consulting
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