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Commpanions: No brand. No differentiation. No loyal customer

Commpanions Werbeagentur GmbH is an advertising agency company based in Frankfurt.

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Customers do not buy products. Customers buy emotional experiences. There are no “purely rational” purchase decisions – we only think there are.  Psychological research proves this time and time again. Why then, are the intrinsic values of Brands often neglected? Those who do not succeed to create a brand with more than just the pure product features, maynot have the chance to do so later. This is where Commpanions helps their clients – Creating value for brands through creative and strategic communication. They also lever intense knowledge of consumer motivation, markets and communication channels to optimize effectiveness of each campaign. In short: Later – is often damaging but it is never too late.

Create differentiation.
Create passion.
Create loyalty.
Create the brand.
Create the sale.

Is “not beating around the bush,” a quality you admire?

Let me introduce your new Communication Partner: Commpanions Werbeagentur GmbH is a partner in top quality, strategic and creative brand construction, for large and midsize companies. Our international team assists customers build their brand significance and creatively communicate with their consumer audience to dramatically change their businesses. This is reflected in the name – Commpanions, the second “m” from Communication and “companion” being a partner through thick and thin. Our clients also receive the enthusiasm, speed and flexibility that an owner-run agency offers. After leaving Texas, I wanted to create a combination of communication cultures; a  transatlantic synthesis, that brings an international viewpoint to regional challenges. Offering the services expected in a results-oriented global environment; Advertising, Design, Corporate Communication, Brand Strategy/Development/Management, Market/Trend Research, Sales & Marketing tools, Direct Marketing, Consumer Relationship Management, Social Media, Multimedia and e-Business. Work together – Stay humble – Have a lot of fun! This is what we strive for.

About The Company:

"Create Value through Successful Communication"  –  Commpanions is a communication agency focused on strategic creativity. Our customers profit from our experience of having directed global accounts and projects, while receiving the entusiasm, speed and flexible agility that only an independent entrepreneurial agency can offer. We communicate, and the secret of communicating is not forgetting we‘re dealing with people.


William Hood
Commpanions Werbeagentur GmbH
Frankfurt Office:
Eschborner Landstr. 126
60489 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 69 74093299
W or .com