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Alton: Start-up help for businesses entering the US market

Alton GmbH is a business consulting company based in Wiesbaden.

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ALTON truly believes in the American dream. Including for German entrepreneurs, it is confident that the United States offers great opportunities and economic success today and for the foreseeable future.

For its numerous clients - small and mid-size businesses - ALTON has helped them establish their US subsidiaries. Our existing clients are primarily German companies from many different industries, such as automotive, IT, aerospace and financial services. And, these clients continued success in the US proves ALTON has been right, over and over again.

ALTON is a strong team. For our clients who would like to establish subsidiaries in the USA, we handle all the formalities in the formation process. If requested we can further support our clients with various packages from our suite of services or tailored to the particular needs of the US subsidiary.

For those companies which have recently established their business in the United States, ALTON offers several service packages which allow small and medium size businesses a cost-efficient start in the United States. If needed ALTON can also assist with VISA applications, both for business and private (”investor” or “treaty” VISA, E1 or E2) and we can also be there for your first steps in the US market.

If you plan to settle in Florida we also offer additional services. As a company located there we have in-depth knowledge of , as well as excellent contacts in, the local real estate market. Hence, ALTON can help you with your search for adequate commercial property; and, if you wish, we can also furnish your office so, without delays or hassles, you can concentrate on your core business.

The ideal start in the US market begins with one team: ALTON!

In addition, our ALTON team operates modern, furnished office space in downtown Miami and, as needed, on a short-term basis, we rent out single offices or conference rooms. Our offices offer up-to-date equipment and broadband Internet. With this ALTON completes its offers for German entrepreneurs who plan to do business in Florida.

As a service provider for our German-speaking clients ALTON employs excellent skilled and multilingual personnel whose competences lie in notary tasks, consulting and further B2B services. Furthermore, including for our clients use, ALTON has built a network of specialists such as attorneys and tax consultants.

Since 2013 ALTON maintains a second location near Frankfurt, Germany. Our Wiesbaden location also gives us the ability to be closer to our German clients as well as our targeted clientele. We have created the qualification for growth in the coming years and, in doing so, are able to optimize our client services.

About The Company:

The company ALTON has been active in Florida since 2005 and is located on Brickell Avenue in Miami’s financial district. Florida is a very business-oriented state and, hence, very attractive for foreign businesses. Florida has good connections to Germany and a strong economy. It is known as the entry to Latin America. For these reasons, and more, Florida is a location where more and more Germans are deciding to settle with their businesses.


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Managing Director
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65185 Wiesbaden
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