AmCham Germany Yearbook Update

Company Classification

To ensure that your entry in the new AmCham Germany Yearbook 2019 is correct and up to date, please complete and return the Yearbook Update form by August 24. Please send the form to update(at) (You should have received this form via email in August 2018.)

For proper classification of your company within our database and for potential referral of clients to your business, please update your company's: 


and Service Category

Please be aware that any changes made to your company’s profile may affect your entry in the searchable Online Services Directory (OSD) should your company be participating in this free marketing program.

What is the Yearbook?

Published annually, the Yearbook is both a reference guide of German-American business relations and a membership directory. The Yearbook lists AmCham Germany's corporate and individual members alphabetically and includes contact information. Corporate members are cross-referenced by individual names and classified using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

The Yearbook also lists important political offices and addresses. It provides information about the American Chamber of Commerce and an overview of important German and American economic aspects.

Patron & Executive Members - Logos for the Yearbook

If you are a new Patron or Executive Member or a Patron or Executive Member whose logo has changed, please send us your printable logo.


  • Logos will be printed four-color (Euro scale) without spot colors (Sonderfarben)

Please send a logo that is ready for print. A print-ready logo ready meets these criteria:

  • vector .eps file format
  • file resolution of at least 300 DPI
  • colors in 4-c (Euro scale) – no RGB
  • font converted into pathway (Schrift im Pfad umgewandelt)

To be sure that your logo is reproduced properly in the printing process, please send your specifications for the 4-c color print, including the color values (CMYK = __% cyan, __% magenta, __% yellow, __% black)

Send all logos and questions to Anna Katharina Schneider: aschneider(at)

Can I advertise in the Yearbook?

Yes! Find out more regarding advertising opportunites here or contact our advertising representative.

Sabine Karbowy
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Trautlinde Krisztian

Specialist, Membership & Events

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Masha Conquest

Specialist, Membership Development & Services

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