"This election is THE election and even Corona was a secondary topic”

On November 13, 2020, AmCham Germany welcomed Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin at the Beyond Election Night: Transatlantic Media De-Brief

"An investment in your transatlantic friends is an investment in yourself"

On November 12, 2020 AmCham Germany, together with BDI, Deloitte and Commerzbank, organized its 14th Transatlantic Business Conference. This year’s…

Transatlantic Business Discusses the Election of Joe Biden and Economic Recovery after the Coronavirus Pandemic

"The German-American Partnership in the Next Decade" is the title of AmCham Germany’s 14th Transatlantic Business Conference, which will take place…

Outlook on the Next US Presidency 

Analysis by Frank Samolis, AmCham Germany Senior Advisor, Washington, DC

Expectations on the Next US Presidency

Article by Markus Russ, AmCham Germany Senior Advisor, Brussels

The Clue: Episode 8

Interview with Dr. Adam Posen from the Peterson Institute for International Economics: Transatlantic Economy at the Crossroads

Insights Call on US Sanctions against China

Topic: What impact will the US sanctions against China have on European businesses? Can Europe stay neutral?

Expert Webinar on Employee Mobility in Difficult Times

Speakers from KPMG Law: Sabine Paul, Dr. Sebastian Klaus and Sachka Stefanova-Behlert