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TOP 50 Ranking: US Companies in Germany with the highest revenue are Ford, Amazon, and ExxonMobil

US companies grow despite economic uncertainties: Sales increase by 5.5 % and headcount by 2.3 %

Frankfurt, December 2, 2019 – The economic relationship between Germany and the US shows positive developments despite the increasingly difficult economic situation. The revenue of the 50 largest US companies in Germany increased on average by +5.5% compared to the previous year (2017: +3.4%). The number of employees of the 30 largest US employers in Germany is more than 300,000, according to the TOP 50 ranking of the US companies with the highest turnover in Germany published today by AmCham Germany in Frankfurt. The ranking pertains to the 2018 financial year.

The TOP 50 companies expect that the partnership between Germany and the US will be closer in the economic sphere than in the political one. The TOP 50 companies indicated that in their view, the US government’s trade policy measures, such as the introduction of tariffs, do not lead to the declared goal of reaching a fair balance of trade. 

The TOP 50 companies continue to assess Germany positively as a business location with a rating of 2.0 in 2019. “However, the current challenges in dealing with US trade policy, labor and energy costs, and digital infrastructure lead to uncertainties in the economy,” says Frank Sportolari, President of AmCham Germany. 

Frank Riemensperger, Vice President of AmCham Germany and Chairman of the Management Board of Accenture Germany, adds: “The German economic growth, like that of Europe as a whole, has flattened noticeably – US companies active in this country are also noticing the effects. In Germany, they currently lack the stimulus that politics in the USA provides.”

The Three Largest US Companies Based on Sales Revenue: Ford, Amazon, ExxonMobil

With a turnover of 21.1 billion Euros in Germany in 2018, Ford is once again in first place. Amazon ranks second with 16.9 billion Euros in sales and ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding (Esso) third with 9.4 billion Euros in sales (including mineral oil tax). JET Tankstellen Deutschland GmbH is in fourth place with a turnover of 7.6 billion Euros. Philip Morris occupies fifth place with 7.4 billion Euros (estimate). The TOP 50 US companies in Germany are most active in the automotive, information and communications technology, and services and retail sectors, generating total sales of around 177 billion Euros.

The Three Largest US Employers: McDonald’s, Ford, Manpower 

The ranking of the largest US employers in Germany is led once again by McDonald's Germany with about 60,000 employees (estimate, including franchises). Ranking second are Ford's plants with 24,700 employees, in third place United Parcel Service Germany with 20,000 employees, followed by Amazon Germany with 18,000 (fourth place), Procter & Gamble with 10,000 (fifth place) and GE Germany with 9,500 employees (sixth place). These six largest employers among American companies account for around 142,000 jobs.

About the TOP 50 Ranking:

AmCham Germany's TOP 50 ranking annually lists the largest US companies in Germany and subsidiaries of American parent companies with more than 50 percent American capital in Germany, measured by sales in the previous year. The classification criterion for sales is net sales, i.e. sales without value-added tax. The mineral oil and tobacco taxes are an exception. The information either originates directly from the companies or is based on sound estimates by AmCham Germany and the consulting firm Accenture. A total of 16 companies participated, accounting for a total turnover of ca. 58.4 billion Euros and approximately 147,000 employees. The participants represent one third (32.9%) of the sales of the TOP 50 US companies in Germany and slightly more than half (53.0%) of the employees. 

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Ranking of the 50 highest-revenue companies in Germany
Ranking of the 30 largest US employers in Germany
Fact sheet of the TOP 50 US companies in Germany

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