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Just published: Our magazine commerce germany

Energy & Climate in the Spotlight: Opportunities and Challenges for Transatlantic Business

With all the changes happening to the energy sector and climate policy in the US and Europe, we thought it was time to dedicate an issue of our magazine commerce germany to these topics. It features pieces by

  • Robert Weisenmiller from the California Energy Commission
  • Claudia Kemfert from the German Institute for Economic Research and
  • Mark Lawrence from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

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To give you a feel for what all is happening in the energy sector: The share of renewable energy in the US energy grid has doubled since 2008 to 18%. And on a transatlantic scale, the announcement this summer by the EU to import more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US opens the door for more business cooperation and gives us the chance to be more creative and explore more opportunities. At the same, energy security remains a contentious issue, with opinions on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline divided between businesses and governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Transatlantic Affairs and the AmCham Germany Leadership Visit in the USA

Of course, given all that's going on in transatlantic affairs, we couldn't limit this issue just to energy and climate policy.

  • In Transatlantic Trends, Jamie Fly from the German Marshall Fund of the United States tells us what to make of the US midterm elections
  • We also share our own takeaways from two recent trips to the US: our Leadership Visit and our delegation trip with the Telecommunications, Internet and Media (TIM) Committee
  • And we also sit down in this issue to talk with Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey, about transatlantic trade and investment
  • Also topics that defined our Transatlantic Business Conference in Berlin, which we also report about on pages 8-10. 

To sum it up: We've been busy this fall representing the voice of transatlantic business - and not just on energy and climate policy. As this year comes to a close, we want to thank you for your support, dedication and commitment to our organization in 2018. Stay tuned for the next issues.


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