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Unlocking new potential with the Internet of Things - Business After Hours with Siemens

On June 23, 2020, AmCham Germany hosted an E-Business After Hours with its member Siemens on the internet of things and its potential.

At a time when workflows and production processes change fundamentally due to COVID-19, the discussion with Dr. Roland Busch, Deputy CEO, CTO, CHRO and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, focused on the potentials of the internet of things and how Siemens is pushing forward digitalization and technologies to deal with the COVID-19 challenges.


Siemens App to Manage Contact Restrictions

Right at the beginning, Busch talked about the newly developed Siemens App, that is being tested at 600 locations in 30 countries. The App helps employers and employees to manage the contact restrictions in everyday working life. It gives employees more autonomy and supports the change in working methods in management and among employees by supposing the ideal size of conference rooms according to the number of people that are planning to meet or by managing the number of people that are in the company canteen.


Siemens Supports Development of Respiratory Equipment

According to a survey Siemens conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees would like to be able to work from home about 2.5 to 3 days per week in the future. In the mean time they wish for more conscious and goal-oriented meetings in real life, especially when building new teams. To fight COVID-19, Siemens first supports the development of robots for disinfection. Within only seven days, Busch said, the robot was developed by Siemens China. Furthermore, Siemens supports the repair of respiratory equipment with the help of software. The defective piece is produced on a 3D printer. Thanks to this technology, the production of the ventilators could be set up digitally and months of work could be saved.

Especially during and after COVID-19, Siemens is focusing on the Internet of Things, as there are already more then 30 billion devices, more than ten times as many as there are people. If those devices should interact, a certain artificial intelligence is necessary, explains Busch and adds: “Siemens wants to advance the Internet of Things.”


Artificial Intelligence - Where Value is Gained from Data

Bush emphasized that Artificial Intelligence is a basis technology that is important for everything that gains value from data. But the technology is very specific for every market and is optimized step by step. On the question how artificial intelligence can be monetized, Busch answered: "Artificial intelligence can be monetized by increasing productivity. AI is included in all small processes, but there are also direct sales that can be measured."