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Photo credit: ZDF/Martin Ehleben

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"Brave New World" - Documentary on the Frontiers of Digitalization with Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen

This documentary shows with which ideas visionary high-tech companies in Silicon Valley plan to change the world and poses the question, what impact these changes are going to have on our lives.

The focus of our current issue of commerce germany is "Digitalization and Innovation". Claus Kleber contributed a viewpoint titled "Ultimate Disruption" on the role of the key players in Silicon Valley in this context. Kleber has done in-depth research on the issue, which also resulted in the hour-long documentary "Schöne Neue Welt" for ZDF, in which he and Angela Andersen explore how the work of the high-tech companies in Silicon Valley is going to change our life in the future.

Claus Kleber has provided us with the English version of the documentary, which you can access here: Brave New World ("Schöne Neue Welt")

The German version can be seen here.

You can read our newest issue of commerce germany with Claus Kleber's viewpoint here.