Past Events

AmCham Germany is active across the country. OurRegional Chapters and our offices in Frankfurt and Berlin ensure that members in all parts of Germany have the opportunity to network in a focused manner and deepen their knowledge about current topics in transatlantic business.

Our events range from small, informal get-togethers to large, multi-day conferences. An overview of our past events can be found below.

Photos from select events can be found in our Event Galleries.

Event Reports

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Post-COVID-19: Trade in the World of New Normal

AmCham Germany Forum on Free Trade Agreements, Supply Chains and Geopolitics


Insights Call on „How the Political Divide is Shaping US Politics”

June 3, 2020 - While society and businesses are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, America's partisan divide has continued to grow. The US economy…


Insights Call with Christian Lindner, Leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP)

Discussion on Globalization during COVID-19


Insights Call with Stefan Kornelius, Foreign Editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung

Europe between China and the US - COVID-19 and the New World Order


Past Virtual Events: Reputation Management, Transatlantic Trade and the US Response to COVID-19

Overview of Selected Virtual Events from Mid-April to May 2020


Insights Call on „Managing the Effects of the Coronavirus Outbreak“

March 20, 2020  – At the end of March the coronavirus outbreak had already shown the potential to significantly disrupt businesses and markets. Our…


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