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Fernsehen ganz nah - A look behind the scenes at rheinmaintv

Business After Hours Frankfurt explored how rhein main tv works. Participants experienced how the TV program is being produced and could take part in the daily live talk "rheinmain unterhaltung Thema" on site in rheinmaintv's studios. The show dealt with the US presidential election. Fred B. Irwin, President of AmCham Germany, was one of the studio guests.

rheinmaintv is the private regional TV station for the Rhine-Main-Area. The TV channel went on air October 27, 2003 and has a technical scope of 1.2 million people in the area. Altogether, about 3 million people between Friedberg and Darmstadt, Hanau and Rüdesheim are able to receive the TV channel via cable as well as via digital satellite technology.