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06 Mar 2024

Chapter Event


Speaker: Mark Copelovitch, Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Axel Springer Fellow at the American Academy Berlin

Topic: Dollar Signs - The Myth of American Decline and the Future of World Order

In cooperation with: American Academy in Berlin & Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum / James F. Byrnes-Institut e.V. Stuttgart

Commentators in recent years have predicted the decline of the U.S. dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. But Mark Copelovitch argues that the dollar’s dominance will persist for many decades to come, in large part because none of the supposed challengers – including the euro and renminbi – meet the economic or political requirements to supplant it. The dollar’s dominance creates opportunities for more ambitious economic policy at home and challenges the dominant prevailing narrative about the inevitable decline of American hegemony in world politics. It also has important implications for how we view the rise of China and the future of transatlantic cooperation.

In this talk, Copelovitch looks at the sources of the dollar’s enduring dominance and how recent global crises have actually further cemented its position.


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Elena Lewalter

Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Regional Coordination & Events