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Steve Johnson

Chief Business Attraction Officer, President

AllianceSTL an initiative of Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Susanne Evens

President of the St. Louis-Stuttgart-Sister Cities Partnership Association

St. Louis-Stuttgart-Sister Cities Association



60 Years of Transatlantic Connection - The Twinning of St. Louis and Stuttgart

Economic Impulses and a Multifaceted Network in Action


St. Louis and Stuttgart are important scientific centres in their respective countries. The research focus reflects the economic strengths of the cities: Stuttgart has two renowned universities and St. Louis three, as well as other public, ecclesiastical and private higher education institutions and research centres that drive innovation, research and economic strength. Both cities are also considered hubs for start-up companies due to their numerous research projects, proximity to universities and economic strength.


Stuttgart and St. Louis have been sister cities since 1960 and celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2020 during the pandemic. For their special contributions to sustainable transatlantic relations in pandemic times, their dedicated program during the anniversary year, and decades of committed partnership, they were awarded the title of most active German-American sister city by the Steuben-Schurz Society in 2021.


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Insights Webinar

July 06, 2021

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