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Henning Schick

Director Sales Europe

ARI Fleet Germany GmbH

Frank Heß

Manager Marketing Europe

ARI Fleet Germany GmbH


Creating Liquidity with the Company Fleet


Capital procurement not only in times of crisis! Fleet Management Expert Henning Schick will vividly explain how to liquidate existing vehicles to increase capital without reducing your fleet.


Especially in times of crisis, many companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring liquidity. In such a situation, it is important to know all possible options for liquidating capital and how to implement them sensibly. A suitable option is called FlexBack, a concept which provides companies the possibility to sell their vehicle fleet at market or book value and to refinance it with the an Open-end Lease concept, similar to classic financing. As a result, companies can immediately improve their liquidity without the need for drastic cuts in their usual fleet strategy. Because they can continue to use their vehicles almost unchanged and do not have to rigidly define mileage or pay for non-transparent damage calculations.


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Expert Webinar

July 08, 2020

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