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The Twilight of Globalization

A Cornerstone of Transatlantic Relations under Threat or Temporary Disruption?


Globalization has been the major pillar of transatlantic relations and our prosperity. In business, US and foreign global players emerged. The model first came under attack when in 2017 economic policies started focusing on domestic goals. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic inflicted a final blow to global sharing: Cross-border supply chains are interrupted, 1.6 bn informal workers are facing hardship, the EU’s role is diminished and the survival of national economies has become the priority. Is all this of a temporary or lasting nature? What will be the impact on business and the wealth of individuals? A discussion round with business leaders as well as economic and political experts will provide guidance on a topic with many facets.


We are pleased to discuss with the following speakers:


Peter Beyer, MdB, CDU, Transatlantischer Koordinator der Bundesregierung,

Laura Lane, Head of Global Public Affairs, UPS,

Kevin Kiyan, Partner und Leiter Transfer Pricing, Andersen

Markus Krischer, Head of Public Affairs, Boston Scientific

Moderator: Florian Bauer, Journalist, phoenix


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Virtual AmCham Germany Forum

June 04, 2020

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