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Topic: From Pond to Lake – Managing a new approach to US-German relations


The election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office has led to fundamental changes, also to US-German relations. In emphasizing ‘America First’, the US has shifted the global to a rather national perspective. Tariffs have become a tool to promote political and economic goals, at the expanse of free trade. This has immediate effects on countries like Germany, which is increasingly criticized for its supposed ‘trade surplus’ – thus endangering the very foundation of Germany’s export-driven, post-war economic success.


While political reactions were initially rather hesitant, the business community had to quickly adapt: growing investments in the US and an increased control of foreign investments are the most visible results. But what are the long-term consequences? And how should Germany strategically respond to a world economy that is still led by the US, though with a new preference of bilateral agreements over global free trade; especially in light of Germany’s ‘backbone’ of internationally-oriented, medium-sized companies? What does the strategic rivalry between the US and China entail?


An economist, a member of the German Federal Parliament, a transatlantic entrepreneur, and a US lawyer advising German companies in the US will discuss best practices for German businesses to react in the face of this new emerging economic world order and its impact on German businesses and its economic policy.


Confirmed experts: Prof. Dr. Heribert Hirte, MdB; Dr. Thomas Mayer, Chair, Flossbach von Storch Research Institute (former Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank); Melinda Davis, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson, Greenville, SC, USA (advising German companies in the US), Tobias Kuehl, Director of Strategy & Operations and Corporate Counsel, PHT International Inc., Charlotte, NC, USA.


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AmCham Germany Forum

October 09, 2019

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