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"Beyond a Check-the-Box Mentality – Leading Change towards Workforce Diversity and Women Empowerment"


A diverse workforce is a catalyst for success and a foundation of innovation in companies. As organizations navigate radical technological and societal shifts, diversity is key to tackling the challenges ahead and thus remaining innovative and competitive. And what’s more: Stakeholders increasingly demand companies to initiate bold steps towards greater diversity and inclusion.

Lorraine Hariton leads Catalyst, a New York-based organization that globally promotes diversity and the advancement of women into leadership positions since 1962 – a time when this was unheard of in Germany. But is it just this long tradition that accounts for the dramatically higher share of women in executive management positions in the US compared to Germany? Lorraine will share insights from her work at Catalyst and draw on experiences from her own extensive career, which includes senior-level positions in Silicon Valley, and leadership roles across the private, non-profit and government sectors.


Join us for a conversation on cultural change in the workplace and a closer look at the approaches in the US and Germany!


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Business Luncheon

March 28, 2019

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