Saxony (Dresden)

AmCham Germany's Regional Committee Saxony (Dresden) promotes the growth of U.S. companies by ensuring their interests are reflected in locally-made economic decisions. Boasting a highly-motivated workforce and investor-friendly authorities, Dresden served as a prime location for AmCham Germany's 106th Annual Membership Meeting. Prof. Dr. Heribert Heckschen from Heckschen & van de Loo is the current Regional Committee Chair.

Saxony (Dresden)

Ministerpräsident Georg Milbradt zu Gast bei AmCham Germany

Sächsische Staatsregierung und American Chamber of Commerce arbeiten eng zusammen - Standort Sachsen beliebt bei US-Investoren

Saxony (Dresden)

Traditional AmCham Germany Barbecue in Dresden

Dresden, August 31: Dresdner members and guests enjoyed a lovely summer evening barbecue on August 31 at the St. Petersburg Villa, the home of the...

Saxony (Dresden)

New Year's Reception at World Trade Center in Dresden

Dresden, January 26. New Year's Reception at World Trade Center in Dresden.

Consul General, Mark D. Scheland, and Hans-R. Deppe, AmCham Germany Board...

Prof. Dr. Heribert Heckschen

Regional Committee Chair

Notariat Heckschen & van de Loo

+49 351 47305-45