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Discussion with Dr. Katrin Suder on Making Digitalization Successful

On November 14, 2019, AmCham Germany's Regional Committee welcomed Dr. Katrin Suder, Chair, Digital Council of the Federal Government for a roundtable discussion on the Topic “How can digitalization be successful? Technological developments, the role of data and shaping Europe’s future.” 

Shortly before the "Digitalklausur" of the Federal Government where the Digital Council quarterly presents its work, AmCham Germany's members were provided with insights into how the Digital Council works, how it is set up and which issues are currently on the Council's agenda. The Council is comprised of nine members from very divers background and was established in order to advice the Federal Government on how to successfully push digitalization forward. In times where computing power has increased very quickly and basically everything is connected, guidelines, recommendations and advice as well as explanations help policy makers better understand the challenges but also embrace the chances provided by digitalisation.

The Council provides advice on the following six key areas: digitalization and government, digitalization and business, increasing digital competency and digital education, fostering start-up and entrepreneur culture, mindset and culture, as well as data and society.

As digitalization is also a geopolitical topic, Ms. Suder stressed the fact that platforms such as AmCham Germany are more relevant than ever in order to strengthen the transatlantic partnership and to increase security and trust in new technologiesIn addition, the exchange between politics, business and civil society is very important to tackle today's challenges especially with regard to digitalization. Furthermore, Germany needs to become more visionary and embracing when it comes to new technologies.

We thank Dr. Suder for taking the time to engage in a very lively discussion with our members on how digitalization can become successful. A very warm thank you also goes to our host and Chapter Hamburg Chair, Dr. Henning C. Schneider of Latham & Watkins LLP.