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The Matchmaking Process for the US-German Internship Program 2015 has officially ended

We are happy to announce that all internship positions for this year's program have been filled. We thank all participating companies for supporting the 6th round of the US-German Internship Program.

Should you wish to offer financial support for the program, please do not hesitate to contact Katrin Utzinger at kutzinger(at)amcham.de, T +49 69 929104-50 or Anne Marie Baier at  abaier(at)amcham.de, T +49 069 929104-52.

US-German Internship Program

Offering American students the opportunity to become acquainted with German culture through daily business interaction with their host companies, this program allows students to gain insight into the German economy, improve their already existent German language skills and enjoy cross-cultural challenges. The program is proudly supported by Hannelore Kraft, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and John B. Emerson, US Ambassador to Germany.

AmCham Germany aims to continue connecting American students and German companies in the interest of mediating a positive view of Germany to the future leaders of the United States. Each young American who returns to the US will serve as an ambassador of German-American friendship.

The US-German Internship Program is currently open for students enrolled in the following universities: 

Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech University, Kennesaw State University, University of North Georgia, UNC Charlotte, Columbus State University, University of Georgia, Piedmont College, UNC Chapel Hill, Washington & Lee University

In 2014, 29 students arrived in May and stayed for three months. With your financial support and/or willingness to host an intern we can continue to expand the program and support the future of transatlantic relationships.    

PDF NEW: Everything you need to know - Information Sheet for companies

PDF Bulletin: Get-Together in Berlin 2014

PDF Our brochure from the 2014 round can be viewed here

Please click through the tabs on this page to inform yourself about the ways to participate in the program.

Hosting an Intern

Hosting an Intern

Students should get to know your company’s procedures and actively work within the day-to-day operations.


Participating companies are obliged to pay a fair monthly allowance of € 670 for the students’ services. This minimum sum is required by the Agency of Employees’ and Students’ Affairs (ZAV) at the German Federal Agency for Employment.

Travel associated with the program should also be covered by the company. This includes transportation between Frankfurt and the company's location at the start and end of the program. A get-together will be arranged at the halfway point of the internship. Companies are also asked to provide transportation and one to two nights of basic accommodation for the interns' participation in this event hosted by AmCham Germany.

In addition, we kindly ask host companies to make a contribution of $300 for every successfully matched intern due to increased organizational efforts and in order to establish the program for the future. For more details, pleasePDF  click here.


Participating companies are expected to provide a mentor for the intern. The mentor’s responsibilities include introducing the student to the field of operation in which he or she will be working and answering technical questions. Since the interns will need to gather experience in everyday life in Germany - an integral part of the program - the mentor is expected to play an important role here as well. An example might be acquainting the intern with the public transportation system. Participating companies may decide to even include the intern in social activities after work hours, such as visiting a restaurant, going to the movies, etc.


Ideally, participating companies should provide an apartment for the student for the duration of the internship. If however this is not possible, the company should assist the student in searching for suitable living quarters.

An alternative could be an employee offering to house the student for the three month duration in his or her own living quarters and thus integrate the intern into the family. Another consideration would be to house the student in a joint residence or perhaps as an interim tenant. We are very grateful for cooperation in arranging accommodations for the student, as it is not always easy for the intern to organize accommodation from overseas.

Benefits for Your Company

Participation results in personal connections that contribute to strengthening transatlantic relations. The company’s commitment to and support of young professionals will be rewarded through extensive media coverage through AmCham Germany’s newsletter, website and magazine. These broadcast your company's accomplishments in furthering transatlantic cross-cultural exchange.

For an example of coverage in our magazine, commerce germany,PDF  read the report of the interns arriving in 2013.

All participating companies are also represented on the official US-German Internship Program website: www.amchaminternship.org 

Match-Making Process

Companies expressing interest in the program receive a password from AmCham Germany to enter the website and view the interns’ resumés. Thus, participating companies are able to personally decide if the student meets their criteria for eligibility, e.g. university background, language skills, qualifications, etc. Companies will be able to view each student’s profile and make a selection that suits the company best. This will take place on a first come, first served basis, i.e. companies who decide early to join the program will have more interns to choose from.

Upon making a decision, companies must contact AmCham Germany directly with their choice to avoid any overlap (companies should not contact interns directly). AmCham Germany will introduce the company and student to each other. After establishing initial contact, an exchange regarding further details and procedures will take place between the company and the student.

Sponsoring Opportunities

Sponsoring Opportunities

Companies who are interested in supporting the program, but are unable to host an intern may offer financial support for the students. Money collected is distributed to interns demonstrating additional financial need to complete their internship.

Benefits for Your Company

Your company’s commitment to supporting young professionals will be rewarded through extensive media coverage through AmCham Germany’s newsletter, website and magazine. These broadcast your company's accomplishments in furthering transatlantic cross-cultural exchange. 

All participating companies are also represented on the official US-German Internship Program website: www.amchaminternship.org

How to Participate

Donations to the program are investments in our future. If you would like to support the program, please fill out and return the following form to AmCham Germany.

PDF Download the Sponsor Agreement here.

For further sponsoring opportunities, visit the official US-German Internship Program website: www.amchaminternship.org/donations.html



Read about the experience of previous interns.

Clifford D. Mpare, Jr. , Intern at Hitachi Data Systems GmbH, 2011:
“My time in Germany as an intern with the American Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential things I did as an undergraduate student. Studying the German language in high school and college piqued my interest in the country and the AmCham exchange was a great way to experience the culture. While living in Frankfurt and working at Hitachi Data Systems, I learned so much about the amazing German culture and work environment and still keep in touch with my mentor on occasion.
The program also motivated me to return to Germany the year after my completion of undergraduate studies at Morehouse College. During the year I worked and studied in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen to serve as a fellow in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals and act as a young ambassador for America. During the fellowship I studied  political science and politics and law; this was an excellent perspective in preparation for my current studies at Stanford Law School and helped me to further establish what kinds of legal avenues I would like to pursue. I am grateful to AmCham for helping to broaden my cultural horizons and learn a great deal about myself.”

Justin Groot, Intern at Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP, 2012:
“When I heard about the Am Cham Internship Program, I was understandably excited. Here was a way to spend my summer accomplishing two of my most important goals at once! First, I would have the chance to go abroad and experience life in a different country. Second, I would spend the summer obtaining valuable work experience - something I, as a college sophomore, dearly lacked.
That summer wound up being one of the greatest experiences of my college career. Not only did I improve my German-speaking skills immensely, but I also gained important knowledge about the working world that would later help guide my career search. I had a lot of fun, but more importantly, I developed substantially as a person. I recommend the program to all my younger friends in the German department, and couldn't be more grateful to have had this opportunity myself.”


Yanjun Shen, Intern at ING Bank, 2013:
“I interned at ING Bank, the commercial banking branch of ING-DiBa and spent my best summer in college in Frankfurt. I worked in the Business Development department and was responsible for designing the audit confirmation process of commercial banking. There is no better way to learn than real work experience! I greatly appreciated my supervisor and the company giving me such an opportunity when I had limited previous experience with project management and audit confirmation. I gained a lot from my colleagues’ mentoring and support and built good interpersonal relationships with them. In addition to the wonderful work atmosphere, my company also provided me with accommodation and transportation tickets.
Because of my background as an international student from China studying in the U.S, my colleagues were interested in my hometown but also my college life abroad. Our relationship became more like a culture exchange as we learned about each other’s culture. It was also my company’s first time to have international interns, so it was a great opportunity to for all of us to be immersed in the global culture.”


Trey Sides, Intern at Arthur D. Little, 2013:

"My summer working for a consulting company in Frankfurt through the AmCham Germany internship program has been one of the most challenging and exciting experiences of my life. From the engaging work and frequent opportunities for travel to the incredible friends I made, the AmCham program provided me with an incredible opportunity for learning, adventure and growth."




Katrin Utzinger
Manager, Business Services

T +49 69 929104-50
E  kutzinger(at)amcham.de

Anne Marie Baier
Assistant, Membership & Business Services

T +49 69 929104-52
E  abaier(at)amcham.de

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