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US Investments in Germany 2010

A Listing of American Subsidiaries in Germany


The 20th edition of the directory US Investments in Germany contains addresses and information of approximately 3,000 American companies in Germany and identifies main and branch locations of these companies. The listing also contains the names and addresses of their parent companies in the United States. Also included are indices of companies according to their industry classification and German states.


Printed version: EUR 150
Member Price: EUR 120

Member Price: EUR 432


Price includes VAT and Shipping & Handling within Germany

September 2009, 20th Edition

Published by ACC Verlag & Services GmbH


Order US Investments in Germany 2010 here

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Subsidiaries of German Firms in the US

Published by the German American Chambers of Commerce, "Subsidiaries of German Firms in the US" lists over 3,500 companies that do business in the United States and whose parent company is at least 50% German owned. Information listed includes address, number of employees, contact information, and more. Visit the GACC website  here for more information.

Online Version: here

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