Tax & Finances

Financial regulation and taxation are important locational factors for international and domestic investors. Germany offers many financial incentives for business and industry and boasts an average accumulated tax rate for corporations of roughly 30% - an attractive level in international comparison. Nonetheless, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the banking and insurance sectors on both sides of the Atlantic have witnessed tangible developments regarding financial regulation and taxation issues.

Tax & Finances News

Tax & Finances

SEC Commissioner meets with AmCham Germany

Presentation and Q&A with Daniel M. Gallagher

Tax & Finances

AmCham Germany fordert schnelle Wiederaufnahme der TTIP-Verhandlungen

US-Haushalt darf nicht aus parteipolitischen Gründen gesperrt bleiben. Politischer Stillstand sendet falsche Signale.

Tax & Finances

Europäische Schuldenkrise gefährdet Wachstum

Griechenland: Privatwirtschaft stärken, griechische Firmen unterstützen und Vision verfolgen. Irwin: "Es motiviert niemanden, immer nur zu sparen"

Financial Services Committee

AmCham Germany’s Financial Services Committee engages in policy issues and discussions relating to financial developments on national, European and global levels.

Tax Committee

AmCham Germany's Tax Committee monitors debates on taxation issues in Germany and provides detailed, constructive suggestions to German policy makers to improve German tax regulations.