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Consumer Affairs Working Group

The Consumer Affairs Working Group takes the lead in monitoring and influencing consumer-related issues as well as the promotion of American brand names in the German Market. All the initiatives share the goal of creating effective and expedient measures to defend and promote the interests of the consumer and to address the fundamental issue of consumer confidence.

Nutrition Labelling

Nutrition Labeling - AmCham Germany Executive Summary

According to  Plattform Ernährung und Bewegung (peb), 10-15 percent of children are already overweight by the time they begin school. Poor dietary habits and insufficient physical activity have been shown to lead to a decrease in motor skills and can cause physical and emotional problems. It is estimated that diet-related illnesses, including obesity, account for ca. €70 billion in health care costs annually. With ample exercise and a balanced diet, these problems can largely be avoided.

Prevention is the key to overcoming this social problem. Informing consumers through targeted, transparent nutrition information has become the goal of many food and beverage companies as well as consumer organizations. The pros and cons of different depictions of nutrition information on food packaging are currently being discussed on local, national and international levels. Governments, companies and consumers alike are seeking an easy-to-understand labeling system to assist in the decision making process and encourage healthy nutrition choices. 

View the full AmCham Germany Executive Summary on Nutrition Labeling here.  (October 2008)

Consumer Protection

EU Health and Consumer Protection Program 2007-2013

On 6 April 2005 the Commission adopted a Health and Consumer protection Strategy and a proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision creating the Community Program for Health and Consumer protection 2007-2013.

The strategy and program proposal bring together and extend the current EU Public Health Program and the current program in support of EU consumer policy and propose specific objectives for health and for consumer protection.


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