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Business of Healthcare Committee (Ausschuss für Gesundheitswirtschaft)

The Business of Healthcare Committee (Ausschuss für Gesundheitswirtschaft) represents the interests of all healthcare industries within AmCham Germany, ranging from pharmaceutical research companies to medical technology and diagnostics as well as IT firms and the consumer health sector. The committee’s mission is to speak with one voice for the healthcare sector. It addresses current healthcare topics and engages in stakeholder discussions on the future of the German healthcare market. The Business of Healthcare Committee takes a broader approach than the Health Care Committee which focuses exclusively on pharmaceutical research companies. The committees cooperate closely.


Matthias Borst
Vice President & General Manager / Central Europe
Becton Dickinson GmbH

Position Papers



17. Mai 2013, Berlin

Business of Healthcare Breakfast "Patientenversorgung der Zukunft"
mit Jens Ackermann, MdB, Obmann der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion im Gesundheitsausschuss


18. April 2013, Berlin

Parlamentarisches Business of Healthcare Breakfast anlässlich der
Vorstellung des Positionspapiers "Herausforderungen der Gesundheitsversorgung - Positionen der Gesundheitswirtschaft"

1. März 2013, Berlin

Business of Healthcare Lunch "Patientenversorgung der Zukunft"
mit Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach, MdB, Gesundheitspolitischer Sprecher der SPD-Bundestagsfraktion

18. Januar 2013, Berlin

Business of Healthcare Breakfast "Patientenversorgung der Zukunft"
mit Dr. Rolf Koschorrek, MdB, Obmann der CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion im Gesundheitsausschuss


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