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Membership Dues 2015

Executive Membership 


Corporate Membership >250 Mio.

2.350 €

Corporate Membership 25-250 Mio.

1.600 €

Corporate Membership <25 Mio.

805 €

Basic Membership

545 €

Delegate Membership

240 €

Individual Membership

220 €


Executive Membership

Corporate Members that provide AmCham Germany with substantial financial support are entitled to be called Executive Members. Executive Members are granted special recognition in a separate listing in the annual Yearbook and on AmCham Germany’s website. Additionally, Executive Corporate Members are entitled to include their corporate logo in the Yearbook and on AmCham Germany’s website.

Executive Members have the privilege of nominating four Delegate Members free of charge; additional Delegates are charged at the normal rate. Executive Membership is recommended for companies with revenue over € 500 million.

Benefits of Executive Membership


Corporate Membership

Companies with annual sales revenue

  • under € 25 million: Euro 790.00 p.a.
  • € 25 to 250 million: Euro 1,570.00 p.a.
  • over € 250 million (fee incl. 2 free Delegated Members): Euro 2,310.00 p.a.

Corporate Membership is open to companies interested in supporting German-
American business relations. Corporate Members designate one individual, usually the company’s senior executive, to receive all official correspondence from AmCham Germany and to be listed in the annual Yearbook under the firm’s heading. Corporate Members are also included in the classified section of the Yearbook and have the privilege of being listed in the Online Services Directory (OSD). They are also entitled to list up to four additional corporate representatives with positions in the Yearbook. These individuals, however, are not included in the official mailing list and therefore do not receive any correspondence from AmCham Germany. Corporate Members with annual sales revenue of over € 250 million also have the privilege of registering two company representatives as Delegate Members for free. Corporate Members are welcome to designate additional Delegate Members at a reasonable rate regardless of the corporate’s sales revenue. Delegate Members are included under the Corporate Member’s heading in the Yearbook and on AmCham Germany’s mailing list. Corporate Members are encouraged to make use of the possibility of registering Delegate Members.

Benefits of Corporate Membership


Basic Membership

Basic Membership is open to the self-employed and to small companies with an annual sales revenue under € 1 million. Basic Members enjoy all benefits of AmCham Germany's Corporate Membership with the exception of the designation of Delegate Members.

Benefits of Basic Membership


Delegate Membership

Delegate Membership can only be applied for in conjunction with a Corporate
Membership. Through a Delegate Membership, individuals of branch offices in
other cities as well as in the city where the firm is based are included on AmCham Germany’s mailing list and receive the services and advantages of AmCham Germany membership. Delegate Members are listed under the respective corporate heading in the annual Yearbook with the company‘s complete address.

Benefits of Delegate Membership


Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to all individuals interested in German-American
relations. Individual Members will be registered with their private data only and will not be listed in the Yearbook.

Benefits of Individual Membership

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