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AmCham Membership

AmCham Germany members are drawn together by a common interest in the continued development of business relations between Germany and the United States. Germany and the US are top trading partners united by a long history of commerce. AmCham Germany supports its members by promoting unrestricted trade and investment and fostering a productive business climate between the two countries. AmCham Germany represents the business interests of American firms located in Germany and the US and also acts on behalf of its German members, many of whom maintain significant holdings in the US. 

Yearbook Listing

Yearbook Listing

All members are listed in the Yearbook. Each member receives one free edition of this membership directory.

  • Executive Members are accorded special recognition in a separate listing in the annual Yearbook. Additionally, Executive Members are entitled to include their corporate logo with their entry in the Yearbook and on the website.
  • Corporate Members are listed in the Yearbook under the name of the corporation in the corporate section.
  • Basic Members are listed in the Yearbook under the name of the corporation in the corporate section.
  • Delegate Members are included under the Corporate Member's heading in the Yearbook and are included in AmCham Germany's mailing list.
  • Individual Members are listed under their surname in the section for individual members.

Voting Rights

Voting Rights

All members, except Delegate Members, have the right to vote. For more information please view our by-laws.



Members' rights and duties are regulated by the by-laws, which are available here:


This updated version of the by-laws was finalized at the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting in Munich. These by-laws were officially recorded at the Municipal Court in Berlin-Charlottenburg on August 2, 2013.



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Manager, Membership Development
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E swagner(at)amcham.de


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