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Find important contacts in the US and improve your transatlantic network. More

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Our newest support committee can help your business find contacts and guide your expanding global network. Find out more here.

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Looking for translation and interpretation services in various languages? The Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD) helps you find your perfect translation partner. Click here for  more.

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TTIP: Transatlantic Opportunity

TTIP offers excellent opportunities for our member companies. We invite you to make your voice heard. See our TTIP Info Desk for up-to-date information and send  us your inputs and comments.

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International Business & a Global Network

With our global network we help our member companies set up business and connect to business partners around the globe. Our extensive address database, the Online Services Directory (OSD), allows you to navigate directly to contacts and serves as a marketing tool for your own company.

Our navigated networks help you find the right contacts around the world!


Access Germany

AmCham Germany provides research and support for business development in Germany. Here you will find detailed information about our business research services, as well as information about doing business in Germany. General information and guidelines to forming a company in Germany, information about business regulations, and roadmaps on various forms of enterprises are also available.

Access the USA

AmCham Germany provides your first access points for business development in the United States. Our "Points of Contact USA database" includes business contacts in the US and serves as a platform for transatlantic networking. Here you will find information about forming a company in the USA, business regulations and roadmaps on various forms of enterprises.

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