AmCham Germany was founded

On January 29, 1903, members of the small community of American businessmen in Berlin met to found the American Chamber of Commerce.

Last dinner before World War I

In a futile attempt to partch up US-German relations, AmCham Germany hosted a dinner for the US Ambassador, James W. Gerard.

First published: Transatlantic Trade

The association published the first edition of its magazine Transatlantic Trade in 1920. It became an useful instrument for American business people to promote their goods and services in Germany.

American flag in Berlin

On July 4 ,1921, AmCham Germany hoists the American flag atop its headquarters in the Equitable Building in Berlin. The Stars and Stripes returned to the Berlin sky for the first time since WWI.

First chamber meetings

Weekly chamber meetings took place at Restaurant Kempinski in Berlin. They were promoted as “a good opportunity, after the weekend, to get in tough again for the coming week, meet friends and lunch amid pleasant surroundings.”

Travel identification cards

The American Chamber in Germany issued 1,000 identification cards to members, which eased travel for holders within Germany.

Hindenburg crash

Chamber members Edward Douglas of the H. K. McCann company in Frankfurt and Rudolf Anders of R. Seelig & Hille in Dresden perished in the Hindenburg crash in the US.

America's Declaration of War

In December of 1941, all chamber activities were brought to an abrupt halt. American diplomats and journalists, including AmCham Germany President Louis P. Lochner, were given 24 hours to pack their bags.

commerce germany

In 1954, the first issue of commerce germany was published. Back then the magazine was called "Commerce In Germany."

Office in Bonn opened

AmCham Germany President Arthur Siebens opened chamber office in Bonn with German economics minister and father of the 'Wirtschaftswunder' Ludwig Erhard.

60 years AmCham Germany

President Swenson “When we began, the effective links between the two economies took the form of a salesman with a sample bag; today the interlocking of our two economies is effected on the level of international executives and boards of directors."

Rockefeller's visit to Frankfurt

Nelson Rockefeller, Citigroup, visited an AmCham Germany event while in Germany.

AmCham Germany turned 75

German Post Office issued a commemorative stamp for the occasion.

Anniversary event

US Secretary of Commerce Juanita Kreps and German Economics Minister Otto Graf Lambsdorff attended the 75th anniversary event.

ACC Verlag & Services GmbH

AmCham Germany formed ACC Verlag & Services GmbH to publish the membership magazine commerce germany and the annual membership yearbook.

Dresden's Frauenkirche

AmCham Germany raised 40.000 DM to help rebuild Dresden’s Frauenkirche cathedral that was destroyed during an allied bomb raid.

Business Barometer Survey

In 1991, AmCham Germany surveyed US companies as to what they thought were the chief structural disadvantages of investing in Germany. The survey was called “Business Barometer” and is still existent today.

New Traditions Conference

In September of 1994, AmCham Germany hosted a two-day conference with distinguished participants. Vice President Al Gore addressed the conference via satellite and Chancellor Helmut Kohl attended in person.

Annual Membership Meeting 1998

German Federal President Roman Herzog was the keynote speaker at the chamber's Annual Membership Meeting in Leipzig in 1998.

Driver's License Agreement

Driver's licenses from 23 US states and Puerto Rico are formally recognized in Germany. AmCham Germany worked for years on the reciprocity agreement.

AmCham Germany Luncheon

On July 28, 2005, his Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke at an AmCham Germany luncheon in Wiesbaden

Transatlantic Partnership Award

Professor Kurt Masur was awarded the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.

Transatlantic Partnership Award

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of the State of California, received the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.

Transatlantic Partnership Award

Bill Gates was awarded the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.

Transatlantic Partnership Award

Dirk Nowitzki won the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.

New AmCham Germany President

At the Annual Membership Meeting 2013, Bernhard Mattes took over a President of AmCham Germany from Fred Irwin.

New AmCham Germany GM

At the Annual Membership Meeting 2014, Andreas Povel became the new general manager.

Transatlantic Partnership Award

The Berliner Philharmoniker and the New York Philharmonic were awarded the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.

111th Annual Membership Meeting

Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at AmCham Germany's Annual Membership Meeting 2014.

Transatlantic Partnership Award

Airbus Group and United Technologies were award the AmCham Germany Transatlantic Partnership Award.