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Our History

AmCham Germany was founded in Berlin on 30 January 1903 as the American Chamber of Commerce. At the outset there were around 100 members, of which approximately 60% were American citizens and 40% German. AmCham Germany is the oldest bilateral trade association in Germany and the second oldest AmCham in the world. Today, with over 3,000 members, AmCham Germany is the largest American Chamber of Commerce in Europe.

Our Purpose

AmCham Germany's goals are to support unrestricted trade and investment between the United States and Germany, and to promote a healthy, open and productive business climate between the two countries. AmCham Germany represents the business interests of American firms located in Germany and the United States and also acts on behalf of its German members, many of whom maintain significant holdings in the United States.

Our Mission

The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany strives to enhance global economic and trade relations built on a strong foundation of American and German partnership. We actively support and promote our members' interests through our global networks in business, politics and AmChams worldwide. AmCham Germany enables cross-cultural understanding, cooperation and new investment through our commitment to transparent dialogue, unrestricted trade and a competitive and open business climate.

Die Amerikanische Handelskammer in Deutschland fördert die globalen Handelsbeziehungen, die auf dem starken Fundament der amerikanisch-deutschen Partnerschaft stehen. Dabei unterstützen und fördern wir aktiv die Interessen unserer Mitglieder durch unser Netzwerk in Wirtschaft, Politik und den AmChams weltweit. AmCham Germany ermöglicht interkulturelles Verständnis, Zusammenarbeit und neue Investitionen durch die Grundsätze eines transparenten Dialogs, freien Handels und eines wettbewerbsfähigen und offenen Wirtschaftsklimas.

Organizational Structure

AmCham Germany's official domicile remains in the city of Berlin, where it maintains a representative and policy office. The executive office is located in Frankfurt. AmCham Germany representation is divided geographically into ten regions. In addition, AmCham Germany has local representatives in 13 German cities and in Washington, DC. The Board of Directors is AmCham Germany's chief policy-setting body. It consists of between 20 and 30 members and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the president, the executive vice president, the regional vice presidents and the treasurer. The president heads the Board and the Executive Committee. Members of both the Board and the Executive Committee work on a voluntary basis, generously donating their time and expertise on behalf of the membership as a whole.


AmCham Germany's official publication is commerce germany. Founded in 1920, it is the oldest German-American business journal still in publication (although interrupted during the Second World War). The journal is now published by ACC Verlag & Services GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmCham Germany. The AmCham Germany Yearbook, published annually, lists corporate members alphabetically, cross-referenced by individual delegate names, and classifies them by NAICS Codes. In addition, the Yearbook contains an in-depth German-American Business Report and information about AmCham Germany including:

  • relevant bilateral and international trade and investment issues;
  • current trends in key industrial sectors; trends in trade and direct investment;
  • recent developments concerning finance and accounting in the United States and Germany relevant legal and regulatory developments in the United States and Germany.


Other AmCham Germany publications and studies are available here.

Information Services and Marketing

AmCham Germany seeks to actively address the business needs of its members with individually tailored services. To this end, AmCham Germany offers contacts and research to its members in addition to sponsoring briefings and lectures. AmCham Germany selectively provides industry-specific information using the latest in information technology.

Helping business flourish, AmCham Germany refers potential clients to its members. AmCham Germany's website offers a valuable platform for supporting its members not only through content and information but also through PR opportunities and company presentation.

Government Relations

Expanding the German-American trade relationship and nurturing the German investment climate are AmCham Germany's main policy goals. Position papers on topics ranging from taxation policy to biotechnology, telecommunications & multimedia, energy, environmental policy, financial services and corporate law are developed in AmCham Germany's Policy Committees and presented to the appropriate government bodies. AmCham Germany remains in constant contact with business leaders and political decision makers in Berlin, Brussels and Washington, DC.

Trade and Investment Facilitation

AmCham Germany assists American companies wishing to invest or engage in trade with Germany, and German companies seeking similar opportunities in the United States. To this end, AmCham Germany works closely with the various offices of the US Foreign Commercial Service in Germany and the Council of American States in Europe (CASE) as well as with the various German investment support organizations.

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